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Known as the Northwest Gate, the town of Bullas becomes the ideal destination for tourists; good weather, excellent gastronomy, endless resources... Everything you need for a pleasant stay. Its location, as well as communication infrastructure that has, allows enjoying the delights of the countryside and the attractions of the big city.

Bullas history has left significant traces that speak of its ancestors, their ways of behave, monuments that have remained to date. The Plaza Vieja, main civic center of yesteryear, the Church of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, from the eighteenth century and declared National Monument in 1982, the Clock Tower, which dates from 1900, built to mark the hours of watering in the nearby orchard. We also found numerous stately homes of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries where different styles are mixed: modernism, Hispanic-Muslim... and all of them give us sample of the people of the locality. Among them stand out, for being of public use, the Culture House, located in the Plaza de España, and the House of Don Rafael Blas Marsilla, where it is being prepared a future museum.

Panorámica de Bullas
Torre del Reloj Monumento al vendimiador Iglesia de Nuestra Sra. del Rosario

Wine deserves a special section of the history and culture of Bullas. Since its inception, the municipality has been linked to wine tradition, the proof are important archaeological samples that have survived, such as those found at the site of the Roman villa of Los Cantos, like the popular "Child of Grapes." We also find lots of traditional wine cellars located in the houses of the old town, many of them restored to be visited by interested persons. There are many and varied the wines produced in these lands. Cooperatives and wineries that have continued this tradition are getting a huge popularity and reputation both nationally and internationally. The opening of the Museum of Wine and implementation of the Wine Route have been given value to all this legacy.

The visit to Bullas is completed with its environment and natural landscapes, small oasis in the Region of Murcia. Hills such as El Castellar and a great asset as Mula River, housing places like the Pasico Ucenda and the Salto de Usero for delight of swimmers during summer time. Bullas offers the chance to visit all these places through various paths of small tour as well as the Northwest Greenway, old route of the railway prepared for the hikers that allow us go through the region meeting all the splendor of its natural environment.

Organic products, elaborated in a traditional way, are the main value of the local cuisine, where stand out, in addition to wine, the Torrijas, typical sweet of great tradition in Bullas.

We can not finish this tour without mentioning the many festivals that dot the local calendar. Stand out the Patron Saint Festivities, held the first weekend of October in honor to Nuestra Señora del Rosario, which have a great advance with the Wine Festival the last of September, where homage is paid to the winemaking tradition of Bullas. Easter also becomes a celebration of great tradition and popular participation,with four processions and highlighting the Meeting in the Plaza Vieja on Easter Sunday. The day of San Marcos, in late April, is one of the great moments in Bullas festivities, when many market gardeners floats parade through the streets of the town. To these celebrations we have to sum those taking place in the hamlet of La Copa, where ancient traditions survive in the feasts of the Immaculate in December and San Anton in January. In honor of the Virgen de la Consolacion the Festivities are held on the first weekend of September.

In recent times, Bullas is gaining fame for its traditional market "The Zacatín" that every first Sunday of the month takes place in the Plaza Vieja. Within it, a large number of craftsmen display their expertise. Each edition is dedicated to a particular activity, highlighting the February one, which recreates a medieval market and the October one, dedicated to wine.

Mercadillo tradicional "El Zacatín"


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